As you can see, we’re currently trailing advertisements on the Public Whip website. These advertisements, currently powered by Google Adsense, will be kept to a minimum and are just intended to try and fund the development and hosting of Public Whip.

For the last 6 months or so, Bairwell Ltd has been hosting the PublicWhip website totally free of charge (even though we’ve got expenses associated with the hosting) and generally maintaining the site/answering queries. However, we have got big ideas for the site: but we’ll need to rewrite it from scratch to fix these issues – this will take time (a few months) – and we do, unfortunately, need to be able to eat during this period! Hence the advertisements to try and raise funds.

We have tried to raise funds in alternative ways (spending in excess of £500 to do so: at a conservative estimate, PublicWhip has cost us over £3,000 in the last 6 months!), but we were unable to find backers 🙁

We don’t like running adverts and would prefer not to – so if you want to sponsor the site (nothing too political please: the site needs to keep its neutrality), please please please get in contact with us at team [at] .

If you’ve got any thoughts on these changes, please let us know in the comments!

5 thoughts on “Advertisements

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  2. Are you keeping an eye on AdSense? I just looked at the page for a particular bill and it showed an advert for Unison suggesting how people should vote in the local elections, which is not really ‘neutral’.

    • Hi Paul,

      Many thanks – I’ve blocked the entire “Politics” category in Adsense and also blocked Unison. This is another reason why we’ll prefer a “site sponsor” than advertisements

    • We’ve dropped the adverts now – it appears Google also classified the Unison ad in non-political categories and under other URLs. Grr. Thanks for the heads up!

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