Back to advertising

We’ve switched PublicWhip back to Google Adsense advertising for a short term just to see if it’ll perform better than before.

We’re now in a much better state to get PublicWhip rebuilt and we should be able to start work before the end of January. The plan is to first rewrite the import routines, then the display system and then the search routines. We are not planning on reintroducing “community features” (such as a forum) at the moment in time – we’re planning on PublicWhip “just being about the facts” (we’ve also been advised by our insurance company that keeping things “just from an official source such as Hansard” will reduce any liability for us).

PublicWhip is still a “labour of love”: it doesn’t bring in enough to cover its hosting costs (so it is already being run at a loss for us) and we hoping that any funds we raise from advertising will enable us to “spin off” PublicWhip to its own “non-profit” company or set it up as a charity: but it’ll need enough money to cover it’s own costs at that point. As with all “labours of love”, if it is no longer “fun” to do (i.e. people are negative about it), we may consider whether it is worth our time: so please be positive and helpful!