Recent changes

Recently, we’ve made the following changes to PublicWhip:

* Removed logging of inbound requests
Previously all page requests were logged locally – however, we were alerted to a problem when people had search for names containing apostrophes in names (such as Baroness O’Cathain). This has been fixed (and the appropriate page displays) instead of people receiving a “Something’s gone wrong” message (thanks R.Vanderbeck for alerting us to this issue)

* Powered by CloudFlare
We’ve started using CloudFlare as a CDN front-end solution for the main PublicWhip site: this should lead to faster page loads for everybody, along with reducing the load on our server (CloudFlare has saved 4Gb of bandwidth in the last 7 days: from a total of 20.6Gb). It also includes some anti-hacker/anti-web spammer technologies which should stop some issues: however, it may also flag up some “false positives” – please let us know if you encounter any issues.

* Rebuild started
We are in the “ground breaking” stages of PublicWhip v2 – where we are rebuilding the codebase from scratch and making it entirely self supportive (instead of having to rely on Hansard being parsed by third parties). There’s not much code yet, but we’re piecing things together. Looking at our “paid workload” (i.e. the stuff that pays our rent/wages), we’re going to be a bit busy next month (February), but should be able to continue development in March.

* Switch back to Google Adsense
PublicWhip is now back using Google Adsense to try and raise funding to pay for development. To give you an idea of the revenue, in the last 30 days, Adsense has earnt enough money to pay for one fifth of it’s monthly hosting bill. So it’s definitely not making money for us: but at least it’s not quite so much of a drain on our limited resources.

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